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Titanfall 2 - Back to Basics?

Posted by Mario (RPGfan2005) on November 2, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

This time we have


"Titanfall 2" by Respawn Entertainment


Genre: FPS, Mecha, Action


Release Date: October, 28, 2016.


My favorite FPS of all time is Titanfall. COD: Black Ops was my gateway into the FPS world and I personally couldn't get myself to like Halo and Battlefield. However I did enjoy some of their elements more once I actually got into the genre. I have always been a fighting games and RPGs guy. So when Titanfall was released, it definitely was the COD killer everyone was waiting for. At least for me. When Titanfall 2 was teased, first thing I did was jump for joy, then the worry started to set in. The creators of COD had left Activision and helped create Titanfall because they were pressured into making sequel after sequel, they wanted something new. So isn't making a sequel to Titanfall an ironic thing to do?


----GAMEPLAY---- 9/10


It's a FPS with Titans, robotic rideable mechas which serve as an extension of your skills as soldier. Pretty sweet. The biggest feature in Titanfall was your newly introduced ability to wallrun and double jump with waist gear called jump jet. So much so that COD immediately copied it and failed to master it (imo) in Black Ops 3 and Advance Warfare. The maps were accomodated to increase the height of buildings and areas which would be unreachable if you were playing any other FPS. Now the gameplay changes once you enter your titan, your jump mobility is removed and your speed slightly slowed (compared to a 1:1 ratio if a person was the size of a titan) but it truly feels like you are in the cockpit of a mech unit. using abilities such as vortex shields, rockets, and dashing to move out of the line of fire. Extremely fun to play.


----GRAPHICS---- 9/10                  ---------ANIMATION-------- 6/10


Titanfall looked amazing on next gen consoles, and Titanfall 2 looks no different. failing to get a 10 on graphics since it pretty much looks the same as Titanfall 1. Some say it is an improvement on the first, but the style looks the same. What's really laughable is the animations. In the first titanfall when a commander would speak to you and let you know what the mission was, they would appear on your HUD and end transmission once you were debriefed. In Titanfall 2 the commander is with you on the dropship and she stands and looks ridiculous with a weird grin on her face. Is is extremely hard to take her seriously.



----CUSTOMIZATION----- 7/10


Titanfall 1 only needed more guns and paint jobs for Titans to get a 10/10. Pick a Titan Body, Weapon, Attachment/Mod, Tactical Ability, Ordnance, Tier Kits x 2, Insignia, and Operating System Voice. Titanfall 2 has pretty much the same amount of options a titan can have (plus an additional defensive ability missing in TF1), but it is limited by the body of a Titan (Chassis). 3 abilities are customizable, but the rest are based on the choice of body. Which is actually taking a step back in Customization. Why can't I have the body I choose to have, with the abilities that serve my playing style needs. Titanfall 2's Titan called "Ronin" is a close combat Titan with swords as melee attacks and a shotgun like primary weapon. However, the body is a high mobility, low health Chassis, which means I have to use a "hit and run" tactic to fully use Ronin's capabilities. What if I would like an "Ogre" like body from TF1 so I can stay in front of an enemy titan slashing it with swords for a longer period of time. Just let me equip the Ogre body and choose swords as my melee, and shotgun as my primary weapon. I want to develop my own style, not the "run and gun" that is literally in the description of the "Ronin"whenever it is highlighted.

Customization on a Pilot is pretty much the same as Titanfall 1, however they removed the 3rd weapon you could carry. In TF1 there was your Primary Weapon, Secondary (pistol), and an Anti-Titan weapon. It was pretty revolutionary, almost as much as the wallrunning, however now they make you choose between a pistol and an anti-titan weapon. Plus, any attachments on your weapons are dependant on the level of the weapon, not your overall level as a pilot like in Titanfall 1. Reminds of me more and more of COD and Battlefield. More on that later. The good thing though, is that now there's multiple weapons for each class, instead of having 1 or 2 of each in Titanfall 1.


----Game Modes/Play Lists---- 7/10


Titanfall 1 didn't have many game modes at launch. Which is impressive that Titanfall 2 has a total of 10 selectable game modes/playlists right off the bat, not including private matching which should be included anyhow on any FPS. However Titanfall 1 did end up with 14 selectable playlist/game modes in the end. Which brings me to why didn't Titanfall 2 just keep all the modes and just added more. Some might say, if you want to play "this mode" so badly then why not just play Titanfall 1? The problem is, the majority of people move on when a new game or version comes out, and it makes finding matches a lot more difficult. It is just the beginning though. So let's hope that Titanfall 2 adds even more by the time Titanfall 3 comes out.


----Differences Personal Checklist----

More Titans ✔

More Maps ✔

More Weapons ✔

Better A.I. ✔

- No Brain Surgeon when riding enemy Titans. Now I get a battery which serves no actual battle purpose, other than giving you shields which already came on titans before, now you have to work for them.

- No Burn cards, Now you get "Boosts" which you can only activate depending on your performance. Shouldn't they have kept the burn cards and added kill streak rewards?

- Mini Map now works almost exactly like Battlefield and Battlefront... being EA... "Now you can always know in which direction your enemy is in!"

- HUD has so much crap going on it is very distracting. I get it now it actually looks like a mecha cockpit, but god, when playing FPS competitively, I look for any sudden movements to point my weapon and shoot. When you have small icons moving around for no reason, it dilutes my senses.

- Only able to see yourself going into your titan from a 3rd person point of view. I miss the first person perspective. Why not just keep both?

- No Rank Chip? maybe on a later update?



----OVERVIEW---- 7/10


Titanfall 1 is still my favorite FPS of all time. Titanfall 2 feels exaclty how I felt about Battlefield 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront (2015). The game is a mainstream decent FPS. Not amazing and revolutionary, just enjoyable and playable. Titanfall 1 had me on the edge of my seat. balancing between watching my mini map and HUD for incoming enemies. Now the map tells me exactly in which direction my enemies are the majority of the time. Which makes it easier to pick up and play, but sometimes I feel cheated when I die so quickly. With the new gameplay mechanic of batteries, it feels like it is a lot more team based and cooperation is key to success, which is hard when you don't have your trusty squad online to help, and have to rely on the skills of strangers.

here's to Titanfall 3! Which should be coming. Knowing EA...


- By Mario Sauceda LCGK President


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review

Posted by Shadowfox364 on April 28, 2016 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Ah Hyrule, you and your ever-changing worlds, your unique stories and magical lands, we welcome you back with The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD, a beautiful recreation celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD brings us back to a familiar scene, but not exactly the way many of us remembered it, the world is mirrored and Link is actually left-handed. So what makes this version different than that of the Wii or Gamecube releases well sit right there and I’ll how I became a Princess of Twilight?


Gameplay- Twilight Princess HD plays with the control style of the Gamecube release, players can use either the Gamepad or Pro Controller like they could with Wind Waker HD, however players cannot use Wii controls. The map is that of the Gamecube version, but can be switched back to the Wii’s map when selecting Hero Mode starting up a new file. Twilight Princess’ main gimmick is the ability to play as Link in two forms, his normal human form and his wolf form each bringing a unique style of play. Human Link being able to use his many weapons and tools to his advantage, and Wolf Link with his natural instincts and the aide of the mysterious imp Midna to solve many puzzles and fight many enemies. Motion control is back to an extent with the use of the gamepad’s gyroscope and accelerometer. Even item management and quick access to the minimap is shown on the gamepad.


Story- (Note: Major Plot Spoilers Ahead) Twilight Princess takes place several centuries after Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, with a new Link working as a farmboy in the peaceful Ordon Village, after herding some goats and rescuing the village’s children from chasing monkeys, Link and the village is attacked by invading monsters and is knocked unconscious and is dragged by Shadow Beasts into the realm of Twilight, luckily instead of turning into a spirit, thanks to his Triforce of Courage he turns into a wolf. During this time Link is then imprisoned and is rescued by Midna, who agrees to help him if he helps her obtain what she is looking for, the two meet up with Princess Zelda who then explains that Zant, the self-proclaimed King of Twilight has stolen the light from three of the light spirits from Faron, Eldin, and Lanaryu and that it is up to Link to restore the light to the lands by obtaining tears of light from each spirit, once completed Link is then able to return to his human form and enter the dungeons to obtain Fused Shadows and are ambushed by Zant who places a shadow crystal on Link turning him into his wolf form and fatally harming Midna, the two return to Hyrule Castle to reunite with Zelda who tells Link that he needs the sacred blade, the Master Sword to break his curse after sacrificing herself to restore Midna the two return to Faron woods to go to the Temple of Time to then obtain the sacred blade. Once Link is returned to his human form wielding the blade of evil’s bane and can now freely switch between his two forms, the two head to the Geurdo Desert and begins to collect the shards of the Mirror of Twilight, which acts as a portal between the two realms, it is revealed that the Sages used it to banish Ganondorf many years ago after he had attempted to steal the Triforce and after executing him failed. After obtaining the mirror shards it is revealed that Midna is infact the true ruler of the Twilight Realm and that only defeating Ganondorf will reveal her true form. The two then return to Hyrule Castle and encounter Ganondorf with a lifeless Zelda over him, after several fights, Midna is able to resurrect Zelda and warps the two outside the castle, using the Fused Shadows in hopes to defeat Ganondorf, but Ganon stands triumphant, leaving Zelda and Link to defeat him with the aid of the Light Spirits creating special light arrows. After a magnificent horseback battle, it’s time for the final showdown Link vs Ganondorf in a 1v1 swordfight, Link stands victorious with one Ending Blow, Ganondorf is defeated, the Sages are able to revive Midna showing her true form and returns to her realm, destroying the Mirror of Twilight in the process.


Music and Audio- Like many Zelda games before, the music never fails. From the peaceful sounds of Ordon Village, the Western theme of Kakariko Village, to the calming and beautiful music of Lake Hylia, even the darkening music of the Twilight Realm Koji Kondo does not fail with the music with this title.


Differences- Since this is a port, there are obvious differences from its previous versions. The Tears of Light missions are now reduced to collecting 11 tears rather than 15. The game features Amiibo support using the various Zelda themed figures, Link and Toon Link will restore arrows, Zelda and Sheik will restore hearts, Ganondorf will make players take 2x damage (4X in Hero Mode), and of course the new Wolf Link Amiibo will unlock a new dungeon in the style of the Cave of Ordeals, where you can only play as Wolf Link and progress through many fights to obtain a Rupee bag that holds 9,999 the max any Zelda game has ever had. Motion Control aiming returns from the Wii Version, but moving around and fighting plays like the Gamecube version. A new item is also available called the Ghost Lantern which will light up in the presence of Poe ghosts. One last thing they added were Stamps scattered all throughout the game there are many stamps to collect, these are just for Miiverse posts, kinda similar to the Tingle Bottles in Wind Waker.


Final Words- Overall Twilight Princess HD is the same Zelda experience as it was 10 years ago, new features, new challenges, but overall still a great story and game. I’m giving it a 9/10.


NX and Nintendo at E3 2016

Posted by Shadowfox364 on April 28, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys, so it was recently announced that the new Legend of Zelda game has been delayed to March 2017 for polishing, not only that, but the game will not just release on Wii U, but as well on the new NX system(also slated for March 2017). It was also confirmed that Zelda U/NX will be the main focus at Nintendo's E3 event. Let us know what you all think about this recent annoucement. 

Super Mario Maker: Video Game Adds Pokémon Character Costumes

Posted by Mario (RPGfan2005) on February 12, 2016 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The new items allow players to play through courses as Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. The costumes can be unlocked by playing a new Pokémon-themed course.

Super Mario Maker

Posted by Shadowfox364 on September 21, 2015 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

For 30 years, we’ve seen this Italian Plumber fight giant turtles, play golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, kart race, party, paint, and save princesses. And now he’s back to his old school 1980s platforming roots, but not what you would expect, this time we call the shots, we make the levels for Mario to beat. Behold Super Mario Maker, the most recent release on the Wii U.


Main Game- there really isn’t much of a story in this game so this is a more of a “Main Game in General” section, to me it’s more of a “choose your own adventure book” as you’re the one making the levels. There are 2 main modes other than the playing user levels at choice, there is the 10 Mario Challenge where you only have 10 lives to beat 8 courses randomly selected by the Nintendo developers, and the 100 Mario Challenge where you have 100 lives to beat a select number of courses depending on which difficulty you choose, there you will be able to unlock special costumes, but we’ll get to that in the Extras section.


Gameplay- Gameplay is divided up into 2 categories, level design and playing the level, you use the Wii U gamepad to create levels using themes from four Mario games: Super Mario Bros (NES), Mario Bros 3 (NES), Super Mario World (SNES), and New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U), sadly you cannot interchange between themes when making levels, so no you cannot make a level using Mario 1 and Mario 3 design or any other combo, you can however shift between different level themes from each games, for example you can use a warp pipe to shift from Ground to Underwater, or Underground to Bowser’s Castle if you want. When it comes to playing the levels, they can range from easy to Kaizo Mario level difficulty which highly increases Replayability and makes it so you want to beat the level. When you first start off the game, after the tutorial, you will be able to start making your levels and publishing them, note you’ll only be able to upload 10 when you start, as your levels get more popular you will be able to upload more. New to Mario is the Skinny Mushroom which turns him into a taller but slim Mario, which is very creepy, it’s an unlockable/random drop as well.


Sound and Music- The music of the Super Mario franchise has never been a disappointment, Mario Maker’s soundtrack features tracks old and new, Originally in Super Mario Bros, there were never any airship levels, so new music was created for those in mind, which was pretty neat. What is a really neat feature I really enjoyed was the ability to change sound effects for certain items and being able to record quick little sound-bites to create a little humor in your levels.


Extras- There are a ton of neat little extras in Mario Maker, and a lot of them pay homage to Mario Paint from the SNES, you got the fly swatting mini game, which is still as annoying as it ever was, some of the music are remixed Mario Paint tracks. Hey remember when I said there were unlockables, there are a lot, other than the daily tool pick-up, there are 103 Amiibo special costumes you can unlock, every Amiibo figure you own is compatible with Mario Maker and will allow you to receive a special secret mushroom containing that character to use for the levels you create. There even is a neat little CRT mode, which displays the level in what looks like a CRT-TV even included is that good old eyestrain we all knew and loved about the 80s and 90s, there are 2 methods to obtaining this mode the first is to press Down on the D-Pad and the 4 face buttons at the same time, this allows the entire level to have the effect, the other is to obtain a mega mushroom, but the only way to get those is to have the special 30th anniversary Mario Amiibo or play a level that has a mega mushroom.


Final Score- 9/10. Super Mario Maker is the Mario game for the gamers by gamers, it has a ton of variety for all Mario players new to the franchise and veterans, the amount of Replayability is crazy high and with new levels being published daily by players there’s always more to come back to.