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Titanfall 2 - Back to Basics?

Posted by Mario (RPGfan2005) on November 2, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

This time we have


"Titanfall 2" by Respawn Entertainment


Genre: FPS, Mecha, Action


Release Date: October, 28, 2016.


My favorite FPS of all time is Titanfall. COD: Black Ops was my gateway into the FPS world and I personally couldn't get myself to like Halo and Battlefield. However I did enjoy some of their elements more once I actually got into the genre. I have always been a fighting games and RPGs guy. So when Titanfall was released, it definitely was the COD killer everyone was waiting for. At least for me. When Titanfall 2 was teased, first thing I did was jump for joy, then the worry started to set in. The creators of COD had left Activision and helped create Titanfall because they were pressured into making sequel after sequel, they wanted something new. So isn't making a sequel to Titanfall an ironic thing to do?


----GAMEPLAY---- 9/10


It's a FPS with Titans, robotic rideable mechas which serve as an extension of your skills as soldier. Pretty sweet. The biggest feature in Titanfall was your newly introduced ability to wallrun and double jump with waist gear called jump jet. So much so that COD immediately copied it and failed to master it (imo) in Black Ops 3 and Advance Warfare. The maps were accomodated to increase the height of buildings and areas which would be unreachable if you were playing any other FPS. Now the gameplay changes once you enter your titan, your jump mobility is removed and your speed slightly slowed (compared to a 1:1 ratio if a person was the size of a titan) but it truly feels like you are in the cockpit of a mech unit. using abilities such as vortex shields, rockets, and dashing to move out of the line of fire. Extremely fun to play.


----GRAPHICS---- 9/10                  ---------ANIMATION-------- 6/10


Titanfall looked amazing on next gen consoles, and Titanfall 2 looks no different. failing to get a 10 on graphics since it pretty much looks the same as Titanfall 1. Some say it is an improvement on the first, but the style looks the same. What's really laughable is the animations. In the first titanfall when a commander would speak to you and let you know what the mission was, they would appear on your HUD and end transmission once you were debriefed. In Titanfall 2 the commander is with you on the dropship and she stands and looks ridiculous with a weird grin on her face. Is is extremely hard to take her seriously.



----CUSTOMIZATION----- 7/10


Titanfall 1 only needed more guns and paint jobs for Titans to get a 10/10. Pick a Titan Body, Weapon, Attachment/Mod, Tactical Ability, Ordnance, Tier Kits x 2, Insignia, and Operating System Voice. Titanfall 2 has pretty much the same amount of options a titan can have (plus an additional defensive ability missing in TF1), but it is limited by the body of a Titan (Chassis). 3 abilities are customizable, but the rest are based on the choice of body. Which is actually taking a step back in Customization. Why can't I have the body I choose to have, with the abilities that serve my playing style needs. Titanfall 2's Titan called "Ronin" is a close combat Titan with swords as melee attacks and a shotgun like primary weapon. However, the body is a high mobility, low health Chassis, which means I have to use a "hit and run" tactic to fully use Ronin's capabilities. What if I would like an "Ogre" like body from TF1 so I can stay in front of an enemy titan slashing it with swords for a longer period of time. Just let me equip the Ogre body and choose swords as my melee, and shotgun as my primary weapon. I want to develop my own style, not the "run and gun" that is literally in the description of the "Ronin"whenever it is highlighted.

Customization on a Pilot is pretty much the same as Titanfall 1, however they removed the 3rd weapon you could carry. In TF1 there was your Primary Weapon, Secondary (pistol), and an Anti-Titan weapon. It was pretty revolutionary, almost as much as the wallrunning, however now they make you choose between a pistol and an anti-titan weapon. Plus, any attachments on your weapons are dependant on the level of the weapon, not your overall level as a pilot like in Titanfall 1. Reminds of me more and more of COD and Battlefield. More on that later. The good thing though, is that now there's multiple weapons for each class, instead of having 1 or 2 of each in Titanfall 1.


----Game Modes/Play Lists---- 7/10


Titanfall 1 didn't have many game modes at launch. Which is impressive that Titanfall 2 has a total of 10 selectable game modes/playlists right off the bat, not including private matching which should be included anyhow on any FPS. However Titanfall 1 did end up with 14 selectable playlist/game modes in the end. Which brings me to why didn't Titanfall 2 just keep all the modes and just added more. Some might say, if you want to play "this mode" so badly then why not just play Titanfall 1? The problem is, the majority of people move on when a new game or version comes out, and it makes finding matches a lot more difficult. It is just the beginning though. So let's hope that Titanfall 2 adds even more by the time Titanfall 3 comes out.


----Differences Personal Checklist----

More Titans ✔

More Maps ✔

More Weapons ✔

Better A.I. ✔

- No Brain Surgeon when riding enemy Titans. Now I get a battery which serves no actual battle purpose, other than giving you shields which already came on titans before, now you have to work for them.

- No Burn cards, Now you get "Boosts" which you can only activate depending on your performance. Shouldn't they have kept the burn cards and added kill streak rewards?

- Mini Map now works almost exactly like Battlefield and Battlefront... being EA... "Now you can always know in which direction your enemy is in!"

- HUD has so much crap going on it is very distracting. I get it now it actually looks like a mecha cockpit, but god, when playing FPS competitively, I look for any sudden movements to point my weapon and shoot. When you have small icons moving around for no reason, it dilutes my senses.

- Only able to see yourself going into your titan from a 3rd person point of view. I miss the first person perspective. Why not just keep both?

- No Rank Chip? maybe on a later update?



----OVERVIEW---- 7/10


Titanfall 1 is still my favorite FPS of all time. Titanfall 2 feels exaclty how I felt about Battlefield 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront (2015). The game is a mainstream decent FPS. Not amazing and revolutionary, just enjoyable and playable. Titanfall 1 had me on the edge of my seat. balancing between watching my mini map and HUD for incoming enemies. Now the map tells me exactly in which direction my enemies are the majority of the time. Which makes it easier to pick up and play, but sometimes I feel cheated when I die so quickly. With the new gameplay mechanic of batteries, it feels like it is a lot more team based and cooperation is key to success, which is hard when you don't have your trusty squad online to help, and have to rely on the skills of strangers.

here's to Titanfall 3! Which should be coming. Knowing EA...


- By Mario Sauceda LCGK President


Super Mario Maker: Video Game Adds Pokémon Character Costumes

Posted by Mario (RPGfan2005) on February 12, 2016 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The new items allow players to play through courses as Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. The costumes can be unlocked by playing a new Pokémon-themed course.