Las Cruces Game Knights

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Sun. 4/24 All day Game Knights Spring Trip We will be going to Rubik's Arcade Bar from 12pm to 6pm sunday. All Ages welcomed. Bring lots of change, empty out your piggy banks. We will be playing Marvel vs Capcom 2, 4 Player Pacman Battle Royale, Tron, Vector Graphics, TMNT and X-men 4 player ... more
Tue. 6/14 All day E3 2016

LC Game Knights will once again be attending E3 2016. Check us out during that time we will be reporting all of the latest and newest games from the industry. If you want to travel with us come to the meetings or contact Mario at 575-621-3858

Fri. 7/15 All day Evo 2016

We will be covering the Evolution Championship series tournament. The best of the best will be there. And so will we!

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