Las Cruces Game Knights

Chilvalry, Integrity, Video Games.


What is the age limit of your group?

There is no age limit, but kids 13 and younger require adult supervision. We're not a day care center.

What do I need to join or become a "Game Knight"

Attendance and participation is important. There's no specific minimum requirements or fees. But regular attendance and will to help and contribute is a must. Once someone becomes worthy of the title "Game Knight" it shall be known. Otherwise everyone starts as a squire with no title.

Is there a fee or payment required?

While at the Lion's Club, we do ask for a $2 donation. Since it helps keep the lights on. It's to benefit the Lion's Club.

If Contribution is low we may be more strict on the asking for donations part.

What can I expect to get out of Game Knights?

  • We travel to experience or compete in different events throughout the country. We've gone to Portland, OR. Los Angeles, CA. Las Vegas, NV. New York, NY. Dallas, TX. And more. To show off our skills as an individual or E - sports team,  or just to experience something new.
  • We have our YouTube Channel and Twitch Channel. For you to learn, begin, or master live streaming game play or edited footage.
  • An environment free of judgement, where you can be yourself and play games with your fellow human gamers.
  • We are working on our very own video game. Which is inspired by Las Cruces areas, and Game Knights itself. You can be a part of it.
  • We host our very own Game Convention. Which is every spring. It gets bigger and bigger every year. You can be a part of it.
  • We host video game tournaments for different games and we offer prizes. To show off your hard work at your favorite game.
  • Possible to experience the latest games before you buy. We try to have the latest and greatest first.

What if I make a girlfriend/boyfriend while at Game Knights?
While Game Knights was created to encourage socializing with others using video games as a means. Dating is allowed, but discouraged. Since it's been known to cause problems during break ups if they ever happen. We love to hear about success stories with many relationships being started with Game Knights. However we've also lost many members who had bad break ups. So please be very careful with the relationship(s) you create. While easier said than done, try to determine to stay friends after a break up if your relationship doesn't work out. PARENTS: discretion is advised when dropping off children older than 13. Teach your kids about proper relationship etiquette.

Can I bring my own equipment to Game Knights?
Yes! People bringing their own equipment is the heart of Game Knights. 10 years ago when we started with 6 college friends. To the city wide organization you see today. Bringing your equipment is always encouraged to share. We have our own equipment like Guitar Hero, Arcade Machines, and many games and consoles, but it's encouraged to bring your own to help you share your experiences with others more easily.

Can I bring friends over?
Yes! bring as many as you'd like.


1. Las Cruces Game Knights (LCGK) is not responsible for stolen, lost, or broken video game equipment whatsoever.

2. by being a Game Knight you agree that you are responsible for your own well being as well as your own equipment.

3. LCGK is not obligated whatsoever to compensate, replace, extort, force, or purchase new or used equipment for the lost, broken, or stolen item.

4. By becoming a game knight, and reading this, you agree that you know the risks by contributing equipment to LCGK, and it's events.

5. All Equipment that you would like to donate/lend for a period of time will be stored in a secure place, this however does not guarantee it's 100% safety, so we recommend you take your equipment home after every meeting or event.

6. By leaving any equipment with any Game Knight Officer or member does not imply LCGK is responsible for the item. All lent, borrowed, or donated equipment must and can only go through the LCGK president. he can be contacted by phone and/or email.

7. Watch over your equipment carefully, at all times, and periodically.

8. LCGK is not responsible for any emotional or physical harm caused by any individual while you attend our meetings or events.

If you do not agree with these rules, you will not be able to participate in any more Game Knight events and/or meetings.


LCGK is not obligated to replace the item, however, there are some things we can do to help.

1. If everyone agrees that the lost/broken/stolen item incident is legitimate, and the Game Knight is a honest/trustworthy/respectable member, we can all fund raise or pitch in a certain number of dollars per interested member to help replace the item to it's best possible condition.

2. Fund raised money is not to be used for personal gains, but to benefit the club, if we all help and pitch in, we can buy our own equipment so no one feels the need to bring their own equipment from home.

3. The Officers and/or interested members in helping out to find the lost or stolen item can investigate and ask around to find the culprit or the item lost in the area.

4. This last way to help is the most important one: PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!!! This does not just hurt the few members that actually contribute, but discourages others to keep bringing their equipment to share in the future. Which is the source of our success.