Las Cruces Game Knights

Chilvalry, Integrity, Video Games.

Fellow Anime Lovers Convention (FAL CON)

FAL-CON will be debuting its convention on June. We will be taking over all of its gaming needs. The tourneys, the free plays. Everything. So we'll be more than happy to be there for them and help them set a standard that will continue for more years to come.

Location: El Paso

Exclusives: Every floor is dedicated to one thing only, it separates the con into 3 parts (Anime/Music/Video Games)

Downside: First convention ever

When: June


El Paso Anime Days

I used to work for these guys at EPAC, but they also decided to make one in Las Cruces. So I worked for them last year and it was intense and awesome! These guys have enough Gaming Hardware to run their own game store. As well as a experienced and knowledgeable staff each with their own specialty. The Masquerade gets insane, and the vendors are so kind and awesome.

Location: Las Cruces

Exclusives: Many, many tourneys to participate in, dedicated events with well placed time and effort.

Downside: Lack of prizes, have many restrictions, staff is very reserved.

When? Some days in January


El Paso WinterCon

We've been part of them for 2 years now. They are an awesome Anime Convention with Video Games, Card Games, Cosplay Contests, And many awesome vendors from the El Paso Community. I have a soft spot for these guys. They're so awesome!

Location: El Paso

Exclusives: Awesome prizes, people, and events.

Downside: still young con, still has much growing to do.

When? Usually in December, near X-mas, or around there.


Madden Challenge

Has invited us to attend and

help with this year's

This is What We'll Be Doing

We'll be hosting several tourneys... These are:

  • Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (PS3/360)
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl (Wii)
  • Halo Reach (360)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
  • Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3)
These non-competitive games will be available for you to play:
  • Fifa 2011 (360)
  • Super Smash Bros. (N64)
  • Naruto:Clash of Ninja 2 (NGC)
  • Tetris Deluxe Party
  • Guitar Hero / Rock Band
  • All the tourney titles (for practice or warm-up)
  • and many more!
There is a $3 entrance fee for you to enter our gaming area. This fee will allow you to play all of our non-competitive games all day long 'til the event ends.
There is a $5 registration fee for every tourney you wish to register fo.
The prizes include, either items from our sponsors, or the cash itself.